Center-Based ABA Program for Toddlers

|June 29, 2021

Xanadu is now offering a center-based ABA program for toddlers! Children ages 18 months to 36 months can participate. This innovative program includes some small group play-based instruction as well as some one-on-one ABA-based instruction, and will take place weekday mornings. There is also an in-home component for families interested in a combination of center-based and home-based services.

Many children who receive our services qualify for preschool through their local school district once they turn three years old. Our toddler program is a wonderful opportunity to ease your child into a preschool environment, by working on school-readiness skills such as separation anxiety, transitioning between activities, and participating in daily routines.

Due to space limitations, we only allow one parent to participate with each toddler: we encourage parents (and/or grandparents!) to take turns escorting your toddler to our fun program, so everyone can learn together!

A diagnosis of ASD is not required to participate. We accept most insurance plans (for children who have a diagnosis of ASD). An assessment is required prior to enrollment: this will help determine if your child is ready to join our toddler program, and if so, for how many mornings per week. Call us or click on the link below to sign up!



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