COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols (Updated 12/1/2020)

|January 21, 2021

The health and safety of our clients and staff is our top priority here at Xanadu Behavior Therapy. We continue to follow CDC guidelines as well as federal, state and local government mandates related to COVID-19. As such, we have implemented several measures designed to protect all clients and staff members from potential exposure to COVID-19 while receiving on-site as well as in-home services. This plan will continue to be adjusted based on updated CDC guidance and/or government mandates.

Prior to receiving in-person sessions, you will be required to sign a COVID-19 consent form which outlines these health and safety protocols.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings (covering both the nose and mouth) are required by all adults at all times for entirety of session (strongly encouraged for all children ages 2+);
  • Children unable or unwilling to wear a face covering during session will be offered alternative options such as: face shield; plexiglass barrier; mask breaks; target skill of mask-wearing to increase tolerance; social distancing;
  • Mandatory face covering sign is posted at front door.

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing is required at all times by all adults (when possible, social distancing should also occur during sessions between instructor and child);
  • Social distancing decals are placed 6-ft apart on the floors in each room.

Frequent Handwashing

  • Handwashing is required upon entering the office: all visitors (staff and clients) must wash their hands or use the hand sanitizing station when arriving;
  • Hand sanitizing station is at the entrance of the office for all visitors;
  • Handwashing should also occur immediately following any sneezing, coughing, use of tissues, or use of bathroom.
  • Handwashing signs are posted at each sink.

Temperature Checks

In addition to the above (social distancing, frequent handwashing, and mask-wearing), we also require a contactless temperature check prior to entering the office (staff and clients). Any temperature reading of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher will result in session (or shift) being immediately canceled. No Personal Health Information (PHI) or data will be recorded or retained in any manner related to these temperature checks. Staff members will also be required to complete a health questionnaire prior to each work shift (PHI of temperature will not be recorded).

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We are following CDC guidelines regarding the cleaning and sanitizing of teaching materials as well as high-touch points (door knobs, tables, chairs, etc). We are not allowing sharing of any materials (even during socially distanced social groups). Each child is provided with an individual bin of supplies and materials. The instructor cleans and disinfects toys, materials, and high-touch surfaces at the end of each session. Instructors are provided with all cleaning supplies and PPE (including but not limited to masks, face shields, CDC-approved cleaning and sanitizing cleaners, gloves, etc).

A third-party cleaning service provides deep cleaning and sanitizing (including bathroom and kitchen) on a monthly basis.

For more information related to the CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing, please follow this link:

Limited Occupancy

  • Only one parent/caregiver is permitted to be present for on-site sessions;
  • No other visitors are permitted in the office during on-site sessions (e.g. no salespeople, deliveries, maintenance)

Air Quality

  • An HVAC system is installed throughout entire office;
  • Each room is equipped with a HEPA-filtered air purifier;
  • Ceiling fans are installed to promote air circulation;
  • Windows are screened and partially open dependent on weather;
  • Doors are “Dutch”-style (split midway) so the top half can remain open while the bottom half remains closed, to increase airflow.

Xanadu Behavior Therapy cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to COVID-19 during your session. People who are showing no symptoms (asymptomatic) can spread COVID-19 if they are infected. By entering the office, you acknowledge and agree that you assume these inherent risks associated with your attendance.

For more information related to autism and COVID-19, you can visit Autism Speaks at the following link:


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